The Water Project premiere performances update:

In response to COVID-19 crisis the April 2020 premiere performances of The Water Project have been postponed.

We are excited to announce the new premiere weekend of April 16-18th, 2021 in Mayer Theatre.  

For those of you who supported our Kickstarter fundraiser – thank you!

Because of the time sensitive nature of Kickstarter, we suspended our fundraiser. We will create a new fundraiser in March 2021, leading up to the mid-April performances. We hope that we may be able to count on your support at that time. 

Stay healthy everyone!

The Water Project is a multi-media performance work scheduled for premiere at Santa Clara University in April of 2021. Reaching across disciplines, the collaborative creative team is composed of faculty members from the Music, Art & Art History, Theatre and Dance departments as well as consulting faculty from the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department Environmental Studies and Science. Additionally, we are creating a network of partnering community organizations to turn environmental inspiration into climate change action.

The Water Project Premiere Performances: April 16th – 18th, 2021 in Mayer Theatre

Consulting Scientist Lecture, Premiere Weekend, Location TBA

College Environmentalist Q+A (Youth Event), Premiere Weekend, Location TBA

A Collaborative, Humanistic Performance

Our Partners

A sneak peak into The Water Project

The Water Project’s Opening piece is a celebration of water – its beauty, diversity of forms – streams, waves, oceans. The visual movement and music reflect the tempo and energy. The rises and falls of water are echoed in the imagery.

Pulling from global and local sources such as the I-Ching and a 1921 Santa Clara Valley Report on Water Conservation, The Water Project’s Wells piece explores the relationship between human beings and water resources.

Flow Together