The Water Project intends to explore all things water: its sacred essence and beauty, its power, both positive and destructive, its essential life force, and humanity’s predilection to control and commodify water. Acknowledging water’s central role in human history, The Water Project incorporates landmark events both locally in the Santa Clara Valley watershed and around the world.

About Us

A full evening performance The Water Project integrates dance, choral music, animation and projected imagery. It will both celebrate and critique our cultural relationship to water, and hopefully leave the audience with a renewed sense of awe and respect for water. 

We hope The Water Project, will encourage engagement with 21st century, critical, water issues by becoming part of the conversation. The premiere performances will only be the beginning for The Water Project.

Get Involved!

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If The Water Project seems like an interesting endeavor to you, please consider making a donation to our efforts. Your contribution will help pay dancers, actors and the support staff working to make this sow happen. It further support community engagement, and dialogue for comprehensive solutions to water-related issues. 

Partner with Us!

If you are an environmental or community-based organization, please reach out to us to consider developing a partnership between your organization and The Water Project


Special Thanks to Valley Water’s Safe, Clean Water Program


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David Popalisky
500 El Camino Real
Music and Dance Facility
Santa Clara, California 95053

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