Consulting Faculty

Edwin Maurer

Civil Engineering

Edwin Maurer joined Santa Clara University’s Civil Engineering department in 2003, where he teaches courses in hydraulics, hydrology, water resources, GIS, and sustainability. His recent research contributions involve modeling large scale hydrologic dynamics, improving long- lead forecasting, and studying regional impacts of climate change, especially on water. He has published numerous reports and peer-reviewed journal articles on assessing the impact of climate change on water resources from river basin to regional scales.

Iris Stewart-Frey

Environmental Science

Iris Stewart-Frey joined SCU in 2005 is an Associate Professor at SCU’s Department of Environmental Studies and Science. Stewart-Frey’s research interests encompass environmental issues that affect the water cycle and water supply. Frey has worked on both shallow groundwater pollution issues and on surface water processes that are related to climate variability and climate change.

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